Liz Borromeo Dance.

Liz Borromeo Dance Studio is one of Mini Mozart's sister programs. Her beautiful studio is located in the lower level of our school at the Historic Academy. Liz teaches not only our program’s weekly dance class, but dozens of classes each week for people of all ages.

Mini Mozarts students enjoying free-form dance time in Liz’s studio.

Mini Mozarts students enjoying free-form dance time in Liz’s studio.

Her specialties include:

  • Creative Dance

  • Creative Ballet

  • Classical Ballet (Vaganova Method)

  • Improvisational Choreography

  • Jazz

  • Tap

Liz Borromeo Dance Studio offers group and private classes. Please contact her website here for more information.


About Liz Borromeo

Liz has been dancing her entire life and has experience teaching and dancing all over the world. After studying at the Bella Ruska Ballet School in Rota, Spain, she returned to the US to attend Old Dominion University. She received a degree in Biology and Dance from the College of William and Mary and has received accolades and certificates in dance, ballet, composition, education, anatomy, and kinesiology. Additionally, she was a key designer for Williamsburg, Virginia's public school dance programs.

Liz moved to Central Washington and eventually landed in Vancouver. Here, she has been instrumental in several local dance programs and taught dance in both Vancouver and Evergreen School Districts.

She is a member of the National Dance Education Organization and the Dance Educator's Association of Washington. Liz's dedication to creative, quality dance education sets her apart from her peers.